Up-cycled Inner Tube Coin Purse/Key Chain/Wallet


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Small bag perfect for carrying money, chap stick, change and other small needs. Also convenient to put on keys for a night out when you don't want to carry a bag around. Great texture! There is no liner which makes it easy to wash with soap and water inside and out. It is stitched with a durable 69 weight nylon thread to ensure a long life.

This pouch comes in three sizes. The small has a 3 inch zipper and is the perfect size for a handful of coins. the medium one has a 4" zipper and is 2 1/2" deep. It can hold a few credit cards, but takes some effort to get them in or out. It is better for coins, chap stick, or other small items.
The larger one has a 5" zipper and is 3 1/2" deep. It can hold up to 12 or 15 credit cards plus some cash and coins. It fits a standard sized pack of cigarettes and one lighter perfectly, but cannot hold cards or money when used for smokes.
****video shows the largest 5" zipper sized pouch*****

Inner tubes are a unique material and an eco-friendly alternative to leather.
All of my products are handmade, by me, from inner tubes that I have personally rescued from the trash piles of Asheville, NC. I meticulously scrub each tube with an earth friendly de-greasing soap before I cut and sew them. Any odor that may linger will dissipate after only a week or two of regular use. Because my products are made from a re-purposed material no two are ever alike. There will always be variations in markings and texture.

Was looking for an alternative zipper pouch/wallet for a fabric one I had made for my mom that was finally falling apart and came across this up-cycled inner tube option. Mainly purchased because the up-cycled inner tube concept interested me and now that I have the item in hand, it is wicked cool. Very well made and feels almost smooth as opposed to rubbery. I will definitely be checking out the other products from the Alien Menace store.

I was looking for an upcycled keychain wallet, the little alien on the tag and simple, durable design is what sold me on this one. Been using for a few weeks & I love it! The only thing I’d change is the tiny zipper. I added a small UFO charm to the zip fob so it would be easier to grab.

So I glad I read the details about the sizes as it’s hard to gauge in pictures. I got the exact one I wanted for my money, cards and key fab.